References for Energy Efficiency Analyses and Concepts

Bode Chemie GmbH

As one of the leading specialists for disinfection, hygiene and skin-protection the Bode Chemie GmbH protects staff, patients and products worldwide from infection and contamination for over 40 years with over 400 products.

To increase the energy efficiency, the compressed air system had to be redesigned taking an upcoming production expansion into account. Since the production safety in the company has a very high priority, the security of supply had to be guaranteed, even if a failure occurs in individual units or during the maintenance of the components.

LSG Sky Chefs Germany

The Lufthansa subsidiary LSG Sky Chefs is the world's largest airline caterer with over 200 locations in 48 countries. At the Hamburg Airport already several thousand meals a day are cooked, baked, cooled, packaged and marketed in the air. Accordingly, on the LSG sites there is an intensive use of herds, coolers, washing lines, heating and ventilation systems.

Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH

With nearly 30 years experience in laser technology, Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH purposefully evolved to become a technology leader in this market. The company is consequently focused on the development of innovative technologies and the deliverance of advanced production methods for different application fields in industry.

Deutsche Bahn AG

For the railway stations in Munich and Hamburg Envidatec supplied the energy consultancy for building services. The following trades were considered particularly: heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration and lighting. After appropriate efficiency analyses an energy-saving potential of 14 % in total was determined

Heger GmbH Leiterplatten-Schnellservice

The company HEGER GMBH Leiterplatten-Schnellservice (PCB Quick Service) is a family business in Norderstedt near Hamburg, founded in 1969. The company makes forth high-tech PCBs in the express service. The circuit boards go through various process steps: Mechanics, photo print quality assurance, electroplating and screen printing. One of the main energy-related consumers is the multi-layer press, in which the highly complex circuit boards are pressed and printed.

Russian Railways

 The Material Testing Institute in Sherbinka near Moscow acts as an example project area for the analysis of energy consumption and organization of energy management for the Russian Railways. General project objective is to develop a standard for optimal energy consumption for buildings of the Russian Railways.
The procedure in detail:

  • Analysis of energy consumption of the whole property of the material research institute, consisting of locomotive and wagon depot, laboratories, hotels, sports centers, administrative and kitchen complex.
  • Developing a technical approach for the detection of the energy and operating data.
  • Execution of experimental work on the automatic detection and visualization of energy and operating data.