ISO 50001-Comfort Package

Introducing Energy Management Service: ISO 50001-Comfort Package

Feeling the pressure from legislature to reach your certification? We can help! Our ISO 50001-Comfort Package offers you the opportunity to easily implement an Energy Management System (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001 and to meet the requirement of the Energy Services Act (EDL-G).

Our ISO 50001- Comfort Package offers much more:

  • BAFA-certified person on site
    Our ​​experienced energy managers provide their services nationwide for you
  • Innovative Pricing Model
    We start our contract with a one-time start-up cost and guarantee the BAFA compliance. We offer a monthly flat rate fee.
  • Energy savings guarantee
    We know that implementation and permanent operations of EnMS will save you cash. Therefore, we guarantee you the Premium package with a savings percentage savings based on your energy costs.
  • Shortend right to cancel
    We guarantee satisfaction with our performance. We are so convinced of our product that we offer you the possibility to terminate the contract after 3 months. Give us a try!

Our package versions:

ISO 50001-Comfort Package Basis Advanced Premium
Onsite consultations 4 x per year 6 x per year 12 x per year
Status Report 6 x per year 12 x per year 12 x per year
Online conference 6 x per year 12 x per year 12 x per year
Phone support
Certification ISO 50001 optional
Energy monitoring software optional optional
Energy monitoring hardware (base) optional optional
Minimum contract period 1 year 1 year 1 year
Minimum contract period with savings guarantee - - 3 year
Initial cost / BAFA conformity Nov. 2015 800,00 € 800,00 € 800,00 €
Monthly fixed price from December 2015 from 1.500,- € from 2.500,- € from 5.000,- €
Minimum savings by ISO 50001 1 - 3% 2 - 5% 5 - 8%

For more information and a personal consultation please contact us directly or make an inquiry.